Organizing My Stockpile…

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon trying to bring some organization to my stockpile.   I’m ashamed to admit that for the past month or two I have just been throwing items I’ve purchased on one of our guest beds.   So, for the past for to eight weeks,I piled and pile…and this is what I it looked like after all that time

I am a procrastinator to the core, but yesterday I had had enough!   I planned to get the spare bedroom whipped back into shape in case we have any visitors in the next few months.   I did manage to get quite a lot done – there is still a few things to do, but I did get all of my stockpile items put in their respective places.

We are renting a 40 year old house and do not have much closet/storage space.   In fact, it’s practically non-existent!     When organizing and arranging my stockpile I have had to become creative.     Our Stockpile spreads throughout the entire house – Guest Closet, Kitchen, Linen Closet, and Laundry Room.       And I have finally found a way that works for us, I think.  😉

I did manage to get everything from the bed and into the closet.   In our Guest Closet we keep OTC Medications, Bath Tissue, Paper Towels, Candles, Light bulbs, Razors, Office Supplies {pens, pencils, paper, etc}, feminine care, oral care items, free sample items {I keep these for days when we travel so I don’t have to take full size items}, batteries, facial care, deodorant, kleenex, and a lot more!

I ended up putting a little 2 shelf bookshelf that I had in the closet to help keep things a little more organized.  I am an organizer at heart.  I love things all neat and in their place.  And the bookshelf helps a lot with that.   As you can see, I pile things up to the top as much as possible to allow more room for other items.

I still had a TON of floor space since the closet is really deep so I got a few old boxes to hold things like pencils and candles, and, on top of that, are batteries and a basket that holds toothbrushes and free samples.   I have free samples galore in that basket – I keep laundry samples for when we travel so we don’t have to take detergent bottles with us.

On the opposite side of the closet are razors and more razors {and more razors under the Q-tips and Always}.   Between my husband and I we have 10 brothers – guess what they are getting for Christmas this year!  😉

Before we moved into our rent house I thought we would have a ton of cabinet space.  And we do!   Of course, we can’t put anything taller than a regular 16 oz can inside of them.   Which presents a challenge.   So, I purchased this cabinet to put in the kitchen across from my cabinets.   Not an idea situation, but it works for us right now and that is what is important.   However, I told Andrew next time we rent a house I was bring a bottle of ketchup to test the cabinets.  😉

Thankfully the couple who originally owned the house decided to enclose the back porch to make it a laundry room.  And added these shelves.  I’d be lost without them!    I keep all of our Laundry Supplies, Shampoo, Hair Spray, Body wash, Bathroom/household Cleaners, and tools along with paint and wood stains out there.  I love DIY Projects.  :)

Can you guess which shampoo is my favorite?!    Love me some John Frieda Shampoo!

When they enclosed the porch to make a laundry room they also added another shower out there along with a vanity mirror.   I didn’t use it for a long time, but recently began storing all of our soap in there.

Our stockpile items are all put away where they are suppose to be and I can rest easy knowing we have everything we need.   I love shopping this way – when I need something there is no need to head to the store.  I shop my cabinets first to grab whatever I need.  And that is a great feeling!

Do you have a stockpile?  If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on organization!

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