Maximize Your Savings with Rebates

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One of the biggest mistakes I have made in the past is throwing away my shopping receipts.   I would toss them without thinking and then later find a rebate that I could have received.   Sales + coupons + rebates = for some very inexpensive or free items!   This past year I received a little over $120 back from Rebates.

I now keep every shopping receipt from drugstore and grocery shopping.  You never know when a rebate will pop up.   I organize my receipts in an envelope by month and stash them in my desk drawer.   Using envelopes from bills that I pay online saves me a ton of money.   This is a great and free way to store those receipts which make then easily accessible when I need them.

Every rebate requires you to purchase participating items in order to receive what they are offering be it money back, a gift card, or coupons.   You will need to be sure to fulfill all requirements from the rebate before mailing it in.

I know some other savvy shoppers who dislike keeping their receipts, but for me it has been a money saver.   There is nothing quite so exciting as finding a rebate check in the mail!

Rebates are a wonderful way to maximize your savings.  Some companies will offer a full refund whether you use a coupon at the time of your purchase or not, and other companies will only reimburse you for the actual amount paid.  Either way, by taking advantage of rebates that are offered you save more…and sometimes actually make money in return!

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