Freezer Cooking | Prep Day


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Prepare Ingredients

To help your cooking day go more smoothly you can spend an hour or so the day before you plan to cook in order to chop any vegetables, shred cheese, and prep all other ingredients in order to be able to move from recipe to recipe more quickly rather than having to stop after each recipe.  This helps you to be able to move onto your next recipe instead of stopping to chop another onion, you can simple grab a hand full.

You can gather supplies that you will be needing and place them on the counter so that when it is time to cook, you are not having to open cabinets and rifle through them in order to find what you need.  Instead everything is on the counter and easily accessible whenever you need that specific item.

Thaw Meat

Always remember to give your meat sufficient amount of time to fully thaw before cooking.   I like to set my ground beef and chicken out the day before and put it in the fridge overnight so that I know it isn’t sitting out at room temperature for any period of time.

Clean the Kitchen

Beginning your cooking day with a clean kitchen will make things go more smoothly as well.  So make sure to tidy up and wash any dishes the night before your cooking day to avoid having to clean before cooking.

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