Tips for Shopping at Kroger

Shopping at Kroger isn’t nearly as complicated at learning the ins-and-outs of playing the drug store game, but I wanted to give you a few tips to help rake in those savings and  make your shopping trips go more smoothly!

Store Loyalty Cards

As always, first things first when shopping at a store with loyalty cards…sign up for one!   Kroger’s Plus Card not only helps you save, but also keep track of your Kroger savings for the year as well as let you know how many Fuel Reward points you have and when they expire.

You have to get your Loyalty Card at Kroger and then register it online once you get home.   Registering your card allows you to following your savings, see your Fuel Reward points, and load eCoupons onto your card.

Weekly Deals

Kroger’s weekly deals vary by region.  As do their sales ad – some regions sales begin on Sunday, others on Wednesday.    I happen to be in the Wednesday Sales ad region.   Either way, their sales ad is a great way to see what it going on during their sales for the next week.

However, Kroger’s weekly sales ad is often more of a ‘preview’ in that they do not always put their best deals in there so make sure to have all of your coupons with you when you drop by the store just in case you find an awesome sale that you have a coupon to go with!

Make sure to check out our Kroger Weekly Coupon Match Up along with your local ad before heading out to shop!

Manager Specials

These are special mark down items that you’ll find throughout the store.   Manager Specials are usually items that are about to expire.   I love getting our salad, bread, and other things this way.    We often purchase  loaves of Kroger’s Italian bread for $0.50 or less and stick them in the freezer for sub sandwiches later.

Kroger also has Manger Specials on their meat.  I know some people do not like to buy meat this way, but when I can score ground beef for under $1.50/lb, I go for it.   I always bring it home and immediately freeze it until I plan to cook with it.     I have been purchasing our meat this way for almost 2 years and have never had any problems with any of the meat I have brought home.

Make sure to check the expiration date on the Manger Specials just to confirm that the item isn’t already expired.

Other Deals

Kroger often features weekly deals in their ads, but, on some items, if you look closely they give you the date on which the sale ends.   I find this extremely helpful when looking for coupons.   If it is a good sale that I want to snag, I will order coupons from a coupon clipping service – if I have the time – in order to stock up.

Beware though, I have ordered coupons more than once only to have Kroger end the sale early.  So, these sales dates are not always set in stone.

Kroger Home Mailer

The Kroger Home Mailer is somewhat of a mystery to people.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason on how they select those to whom they send it.   I have heard that you need to shop at Kroger for 2 months and spend over $100-$200 per month before they will send you their Home Mailer.

The good news?   That is Pre-Coupon total.  Your subtotal may be $100, but once you use your coupons your total will go down.

I love Kroger Home Mailers because they often include 2-3 FREE item coupons….every single time.    You must register your Kroger card online in order to be eligible to receive the Kroger Home Mailer.

Using Coupons at Kroger

While Kroger may still double coupons in some areas, for the most part, Kroger has stopped their coupon doubling.  My Kroger store stopped doubling coupons in July of 2013 and now have a limit of 5 of the same coupons per transaction.  While I was initially very upset about this, I find that I am still able to save a significant amount when pairing a coupon with a sales item.  Kroger is also more coupon friendly than anywhere else I have shopped (including our local Walmart – they are very anti-coupon here) and Kroger also does have sales on their in-house brand items where as most other stores do not offer sales on those items.

Always make sure you have the coupons you need ready to hand to the cashier before you check out.   I always double check to make sure I haven’t missed a coupon before I even get in the check out line.   There is nothing worse than having to dig for a coupon while having the cashier and the line behind you wait for you to find that coupon.

Stacking Coupons

I have never seen a Kroger coupon for anything other than Kroger brand items.  So, as far as I know, there is no way to stack store and manufacturer coupons at Kroger.

Using Internet Printable Coupons

Kroger does accept Internet Printable Coupons that a scannable barcode along with numbers to type in if needed.  Any IP must also have a readable mail-to redemption address and an expiration date.


Kroger allows you to store eCoupons directly onto your Kroger Plus Card.

There are several places to get eCoupons from:


My Kroger does not allow overage on any items.  However, if you purchase an item that is on sale for $1.99 and you have a $2/1 coupon for it, you should receive the full $2 off.  Your miles may vary on this as well.

There are times when I purchase BOGO Sale items and use a Buy One, Get One Free Coupon that my Kroger will take off the Pre-Sale Amount.   There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to that either so I am always unsure what each cashier will do.  Your miles may vary here.

Kroger Fuel Rewards

I was just telling my husband the other day, not only do we save a ton of money on groceries at Kroger by combining coupons with their sales, but we also save money by using their Fuel Rewards program.

For every $100 I spend on groceries, I receive $0.10 off a gallon up to 20 gallons.   And the $100 is pre-coupon total.   What could be better?


Do you have great tips for shopping at Kroger?

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